My husband is still smiling!!

/My husband is still smiling!!

Sadly I was ill and having prebooked this food tour my husband went on his own, leaving me in our hotel bathroom (get the picture?!)
Firstly, I can’t praise this company enough for their enthusiasm and desire to be helpful, as when we emailed to say it would only be one of us, they really tried to encourage me to risk it and come too, saying that if I didn’t cope they would bring me back to the hotel. However, you know how it is with these ‘stomach disorders’ and I had to stay where I was, so my husband disappeared by himself and sent me lots of photos on WhatsApp as the evening went on. He says it was a fantastic night out in the company of some lovely people. He was the only ‘guest’ so had their undivided attention. He says the food was delicious and plentiful and the guides were excellent at teaching him about everything he was eating….. and as the title of this review says, he’s still smiling at the memory of the tour. I fully intend to have my own evening with Saigon Tuktuk tours if we return to Vietnam.

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My husband is still smiling!!

Mrs. NEWNHAMUnited Kingdom